Gates of Wenden


First Game Session

Hey there, Heroes of Wenden.

Ready for our first game session? I can’t wait. While we’re prepping, take a moment to poke around our new campaign website here on Obsidian Portal, if you haven’t already.

I’m glad I’ve gotten to spend some time with each of you, either in person or via email/messaging, to discuss your character ideas. When you feel your characters are shaping up in the direction you’d like, please send your 5e character sheets to me via email or facebook message. Let me know what you’d like to share with the rest of the party beforehand, if anything, and I’ll update your PC info on Obsidian Portal.

You can also expect a PM on FB with your contact’s info and a character relationship question so each of you can develop a bond or connection with another character. So we can avoid the who “you meet in a tavern” trope and possibly jumpstart some interesting roleplaying and character relationships right out of the gate.

Our first session will be an Episode 0 where we can all introduce ourselves and your new characters. Don’t worry if your character hasn’t completely come together yet. We’ll work on that at the end of the session. We’ll also have a mini-adventure, and if we’re all up for it [or have time for it], we can start the first adventure of our campaign.


AEMcKenzie AEMcKenzie

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